Rebar - outside of walls or beyond the wall

Hello Dynamo Community,

I have an odd question, but is it possible to use the Rebar.ByCurve to build rebar elements that live outside the wall or go beyond the host wall extent?

I have a handful of simple curves straight lines which extend outside the wall and some elements will not live in the wall at all. It would be best if I could build the rebar without a host element.

FYI, This is not for construction. More of an exploration as an art project.

Thank you.

Hi @Danny_Bentley

To create Rebar you need faces as long as you have faces beyond the host wall then your good to go. Cheers!

Why don’t you simply use model curves?

And if you need a solid representation, sweep a profile along the curves and import the solids with either the built in nodes(ImportInstance, DirectShape) or the ones found in spring nodes(FamilyInstance, DirectShape).

This seems silly, but I need a revit object which can be projected outside of a wall/formwork and visible in all directions using section cuts rotated in various angles and plans. Unfortunately the wall hides my model lines and most Revit elements. Grids almost worked but you can’t see them if your section Isn’t perpendicular.

If you have a suggestion with these constraints I would be willing to use it.

The art work need a skeleton but needs it needs to be visible through the Revit elements (walls, slabs, in place models).

Thank you for your help

I may try to cheat the software. Thanks Kulkul.

Hahaha… That’s lot of cheating :smile: Good Luck!