Rebar.FollowingSurface not following surface



I’m applying the Rebar.FollowingSurface node in a project. However, my rebar do not follow the surface I’ve selected, thus implying there is a problem with the node, see picture below. You can clearly see that the rebar do not follow the curved edge of my surface. Does anybody have any experience with this, or help, or ideas?

It seems as the node gives the rebars a radius, but as you can see the radius of my structure is not constant. I would intially think that the node could handle such geometry, but I can’t seem to fix it. My best idea now is to cut my geometry and make two scripts. However, I would want Dynamo to be able to handle this.


Hi Pal,

It looks to me fine as shown below. Can you check first step as shown on the image below. See the preview if it follows the curve or not. Good Luck!

Yeah, it works fine when the element has a constant radius. However, it is when the element has a varying radius the problem occurs. I’m guessing it is because, as shown in your pic, the node produces arcs, which may be bound to a constant radius.



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Good afternoon, Roe.
I’m a Master’s student in Oporto - Portugal and I’m working on algorithms for automation of rebar modelling as well. How did you fix it? With conventional Revit commands (clicking and etc) did it go wrong as well?
Cheers and hope I can help.