Rebar for every tunnel segment

hi is there a way that I can put a circular bars and longitudinal bars in a tunnel segment all at once?
what I’ve been doing lately is select the segment one by one and assign the rebars to an almost 800 tunnel segment.


It is possible, For the Circular loop Bars you can easily get the Inner and Outer Diameter Curves and offset that for Cover and use those to Create rebars.

As for the perpendicular bars, you can try rebar.FollowingSurface Node.

Hi i tried to do it but I get an error.

also, it is select by face does it mean I also need to select it one by one?

Is there a way that I can put the rebar to an adaptive family that I use so when I put it in the actual XYZ location it will have it’s own rebar already?

Maybe you could provide the Revit File.

Its not possible to incorporate rebar within any family.

Its working fine for me. and you can use the same node with FLIP to get the circular Rebars also

hi here is the revit file link

Works well, if ur gonna select the whole element, you need to filter out the Top and Bottom Surfaces, or you could just select one face and Recreate the basic geometry in Dynamo itself to use with this node.

hi thank you for your help I think I am just doing it wrong