Dynamo for rebar can not run









I would like to create rebar by curve, i’m using dynamo and add-on dynamo rebar.

i work base my template and template of Revit 2015,2016 but it’s not running.

Who can help me. Plz

Hi Phat,

You need to use curves from your elements use “Rebar.FollowingSurface” node. see below graph.



I also downloaded latest release of Dynamo for Rebar package and now I cant make my node to work. What might be the problem?

rebar by curve

I am having trouble with the new version of the package

too…Is there any documentation?

Manage to make it work. RebarStyle and HookOrientation should have input from String directly.

Hi Everyone, I am learning Dynamo and exploring the potentials of using “Dynamo for Rebar” on the curved surface/NURBS geometry. Here is the instruction I followed: http://core.thorntontomasetti.com/dynamo-for-rebar-is-now-available/ with the latest Dynamo for Rebar package in Revit 2016. However, I don’t know how to convert the “non-selectable” blue lines to the rebar family with right type. Please see the screenshots below and attached .dyn file. Please help. Thanks! CoreStudio_Rebar

And when I closed the Dynamo, all the “blue lines” rebar along the curved surface/geometry in Revit are GONE!! :frowning:

Hi Joseph,

Those blue lines aren’t real Revit geometry/elements but just a cool preview of Dymano geometry in you revit project. That’s why those lines cannot be selected and of course once you closed Dynamo will disappear.

you also forgot to feed the input for “Vector” slot.