Rebar.byCurve weird bug (?)

Hello guys,

When using Dynamoforrebar’s node I am experiencing a rather interesting bug. Whenever I run the program it gives me back an error in the node mentioned, saying that the host is not valid. However if I change anything in the parameters, as little as it can be, and run the program again the error disappears and I get to see my rebars on REVIT. Currently I keep changing the boolean value on the vector node in order to make the run, making me believe the problem is actually not with the host.

1º Run:

2º Run (changing the boolean)


So far I’ve also change the value of the vector to 2 (instead of 1) and it also worked in order to make the program run. Even though I can make the program run (on the second try), I would like if someone knows a way to run my program on the first try.

Thank you so much, in advance.

Hi @MargaridaMB

Could you show your complete graph with previews on for all nodes.

Yes, of course, I’m working on it. I’ll post a print in a minute. Thanks for your help.

Update: Here are the prints, thank you for your patience.

1º Run:


2º Run:


Try adding Transaction.Start after host id and Transaction.End after Rebar.ByCurve node.

Thanks for the reply, but sadly it didn’t work.

1º Run:

2º Run (Changing the boolean in vector):

Should I try and modify the way I convert the line to a curve?

Solved, added transaction start and end, before and after,

@Kulkul Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

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