Rebar.bycurve / Element ID listed

Hello guys,

I have previously posted about a problem I was having generating rebar on the first try. Basically the program only generated the program on the second time i clicked run.

Here is the link of the topic:

I investigated and simplified the program to find out what was happening that was making the node bug (Rebar.bycurve). So I came to the conclusion that maybe it’s because the structural floor that I automatically created through EXCEL came with its ID listed at the 0 index.

However if I pick the same element through select model element and link it to the element ID node it comes out as only a “number”(?), and the node rebar.bycurve runs normally and generates my rebar correctly.

My question is, do you think this observation is reasonable, and if it is, is there a way to convert the list into a single element ID number?

I wanna apologize for my inexperience and ignorance in DYNAMO, I am in fact a newbie, but I really do need help.

Thank you in advance.


can you try Flatten Node After Element.Id and before Rebar.ByCurve.

Thank you for your suggestion @robert12546358, but, unfortunately it didn’t work.

This is the simplified dynamo routine:

Please share a .JPEG file not .PNG file

There you go:

I think you can change curve.(see image)

Also, didn’t work :sweat: (thanks :smiley:)

I guess the rebar.bycurve doesn’t work with list, since both the Element ID and the curve are in list form and the other parameters are not. So is there a way take the element ID and the curve out of LIST form?

Can you please share your .rvt & .dyn files??

i can, i’ll just simplify it a little bit. Give me a minute and thank you.

Here is the dynamo and excel file: (the rvt file is too big, even tho it’s just a blank one, I can’t upload it)

teste.dyn (39.3 KB)
test.xlsx (8.1 KB)

i have some changes in nodes.

Final_teste.dyn (44.9 KB)

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It isn’t working either with the changes when I tested it out. :S

Please check all Rebar details

remove flatten Node before Rebar.ByCurve.

Still not working :confounded::fearful:

I also attached Image.

you’re really sweet for trying to help me out, but I don’t know why yours is working and mine is not. maybe it’s because your version of dynamo is not the same as mine?

Solved, added transaction start and end, before and after

@robert12546358 Thank you for all your help :slight_smile: