Read Rooms Stamp / Label

I’ve been trying today to make a Graf that read automatically the information in a Room Stamp and translate it to the Rooms Parameters but without success.

The original plan is a DWG, that means that it is pretty easy to get the text, and the approach that I have followed is to check if they are inside a previously created room. My stamp is really simple, 3 lines of text and I have thought that if I order them from up to down it should be easy to recognize which text is which parameter.

But after a few hours of work I am not near to a real solution:

First, I have lost the relation between the rooms and the text. An I have no way to bring the info back to the elements. But I found my approach not that solid. It is possible to have rooms without number, or some where they stamp from a neighbour room inside is, because the other too small is.

Do you know any package/macro/graf that achieve something similar?
Do you have any ideas about how to proceed?
Bonus question: How about training an IA to do it?


Can you add a sample revit file and your graph ?
I’ve some ideas.


The node Select.GetRoomAtPoint from archilab package is what you need.


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I’ve been preparing the files to test it while your were solving the problem :rofl:

I didn’t know about this block, but as you said, seams to be what I was looking for!!

I thought it would be a longer procces, but your solution works already. If you have any other ideas that you want to share, I would be glad the read them.


You’re welcome.
For the stamps in neighbour room, if there is no arrow or leader, it seems very difficult to find the correct room.

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I was trying to upload it, but I can’t manage to make it under 4MB

Those would be a few special cases. I guess it could be possible to group the texts (3 that are near are part of the same stamp). And then check the distance to the middle of each room. But it would be more guessing that Data Management.

For the moment I would accept that those cases have no practical solution XD

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