3D Room numbers

Is there anyway to look up the Architects Room Numbers, and then place a 3D text of that room number into the center of that room Like at 4’-0" elevation inside the room in the geometric center? that would be sweet? I am able to get lists of the rooms numbers from the linked files already…

Rhythm.3DRoomTags should do it

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Hello Mix!

It will be a lot easier to help if you provide some screenshots of your problem or files of your current progress.

You can get everthing you see in properties in Revit with the GetParameterByName node:

For the 3D-text you need to create a family with 3D text wich is set by a paramter. I have made one for making grids in 3D: 3D-grid.rfa (508 KB)

Create a solid from room, find the centroid, and place the familyInstance by point and set the paramter in your 3d-text familyinstance

How do I get two parameters of a given room? Im getting confused with the indexing…

The trick is to make a family with 3D Text in it that has parameter(s) for the text. Place the family and set its text parameter(s).

What happened to Rhythm.3DRoomTags? The files seem to no longer be available on the Web.

Still in the package.

There was more than the DYF. There was an RFA. Does that come in the Package?