Read image in dynamo


I downloaded the newest version of dynamo (, and it seems that I can’t find the command “File.ReadImage”.

Do you know how I can find it at the new version?


In addition, is there any kind of ‘Command <span style=“color: #3e3e3e;”>converter’ from oldest version to the newest version??</span>


Thanks in advance,


You’ll need File.FromPath, then Image.ReadFromFile, then Image.Pixels …

At first it looks ridiculous that you now have more nodes for the same thing, but File.FromPath will actually recognize if the image you specified changes:



Do you know why is it named different from the previews versions??


Yes, because it is now three nodes instead of one which in turn is because of the new file watching functionality, I guess.

mmm and how did you know to look for these commands?

I’m on version 0.7.5 - in that version if you open a definition with an old File.Readimage node, the node will display a warning with instructions. :wink: