Read Excel by Range Null Out

I can’t get the read excel by range node to work. First I had an OS error so I added “import os” to the node. I no longer get that error but I am getting a null result. There is definitely filled in cells in that range. Any ideas?


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EDIT: NVM I put a watch on the and it said empty list.

I’ve added a node after the file path and the out for hte byrange changed to empty list. I honestly don’t know if this is closer to a fix.


Is this in the updated version of the package?

If not try updating and see if that fixes it.

BumbleBee is on 2019.2.1 which is what my package manager says aswell.

Could it be that it is an XLSM format and not XLS or XLSX? Can you try it with the normal Excel.Import and see if that works?

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I’ve saved the file in different formats and it still doesn’t work with this. I’ve used Data.ImportExcel and that will read the XLSM and SLSX. It didn’t at first but then I noticed that the tab in excel had a space at the end. Once I got rid of that the Data.ImportExcel works. However the ByRange node is still not working. I’d rather use the ByRange, but if I can’t get it to work I guess I could clean up the spreadsheet a bit and live with the Data.ImportExcel.

I also just noticed that the Read Excel started working as well. I had it off screen. lol. I guess I can work with this. I still don’t know why the ByRange will not work, but my lesson is check for hidden spaces.


Have you removed the node now that you adjusted the sheet name? I don’t think you need that.

Yes that was taken out after I noticed the node was sending an empty list. I tried that becuase I thought I needed it for Data.ImportExcel, but I actually got it to work with File From Path.

Related to this same script I got all the correct data out of the excel file and then plugged it into the parameter.AddSharedParameter. Once I ran the script it went to not responding. How long should it take to make about 126 parameters?

Depends on how many elements need 126 new edits to their data structure…

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Thanks I’ve decided to use a family instead to do this. It is much faster than a project. I’m getting a problem where I get a “Invalid Parameter Type” error on the Parameter.AddSharedParameter node. It will create all the parameters but they are all text or multiline text for some reason.

EDIT: I’ve been able to get the parameter types to be created correctly I think. However I’m still getting the error, which makes me worried that there are a few bad apples hiding in there. I’m wondering if there is a way to check to see if a string is a valid parameter type so I can pinpoint the problem.

And if anyone is waondering how I got it to add the parameter type I turned on “use levels” and set it to @L1.

I found a way by looking at the output of the Parameter.AddSharedParameter node. Items in the list that were null had an error. When I made a 0 index column in my spreadsheet to find the number I realized that I misspelled “Integer” as “Interger”.


As a side note I added tooltip descriptions to the shared parameters in my spreadsheet just to discover that the information gets cut off and you can’t see it in the family. Oh well.