Read Excel > Curves = Create wall fails?

I’m having a strange problem with exporting wall curve information to excel and reading that same data. I’m currently using version .8, so if this has been fixed I’ll have to wait until my firm rolls out .9.

Here is what works:

Wall types > (Clockwork) Get Wall Curves > Create walls from curves = Succes.

I’m using standard nodes to plug in the level / wall type information. I’ve tested Wall.ByCurveAndLevels and Walls.ByCurveAndHeight, both work fine.

These curves are read correctly at the end before I convert the values to an excel file.

After converting to Excel / Reading from Excel:

Parsing out the excel file to get the curves > transpose > get by index > Create walls from curves = Fails. The node just throws an error stating that it cannot find the correct arguments. The other plugs are reading from vanilla level / wall type nodes for testing.

Does the conversion to excel and back somehow confuse these nodes into reading curves incorrectly? I’m also wondering if there’s a package version issue going on here as well, since I’m running 8.2 and Clockwork is updated to 8.3.

Thank you!

I am not sure that you can “convert” curve to Excel. You could break down each curve into a series of numerical arguments and export that to Excel before importing it back to Dynamo, re-creating the curves from those arguments and then using it to create walls. What you currently proposing is not really a viable workflow.

ps. Please share your definition, screenshots etc. We are not exactly able to see what you are doing and that makes answering these questions almost impossible.


Actually, I think you might have pinpointed the issue with your post. I’m new to Dynamo and had just assumed that the Clockwork curves, when translated to Excel, would work when they were reimported. I’m guessing how Clockwork formats that information is lost when exported to Excel and Dynamo cannot read that curve information on import. I’ll also make sure to post images of my process, but at least I have a new lead on solving this.


yes, not all data is easily serializable - If you want to store the curves externally you might try a format made for geometry exchange like .sat or .svg(there is a dynamo package for this), or make your own simple format in excel, like Konrad suggested, you’d save each point’s x,y,z coordinates and then read them in and create a curve from them. You could get fancier and save other attributes like weights etc, but it depends on what you need to accomplish.