Formatting List to link elements


My aim is to find a way to Link 2 elements together using dynamo so when changes happen in the Revit model I can run this script and they will move with the element.

So basically I’m forcing a surface hosting, I know you can do this using Revit families however my company is not supporting surface hosting at the moment and doesn’t want it in our project so this is the workaround.

Right, so I have mechanical equipment that has an electrical fixture “serving” it (Such as a fuse), this is in the parameters under “Served by” for the mechanical equipment and “serving” for the electrical fixtures.

My question is how can I use this link to make a relationship between the two so I can then start matching the location of each.

I havent got partiular far in my script but I’ve attached both the file and a capture as it might add a bit of sense to this all.

Thanks for the help in advance

Hosting_Fixtures.dyn (17.6 KB)

EDIT: Found solution I used to Element.ByID on the “Served by” to correctly list the elements in the correct order. For information refer to:

Credits to: Dimitar Venkov

Check out the Springs package. Node in there for Element Location. Also check out these other threads which might have something

Ahh thanks, thats helpful for the next part, but first I need to link to Mechanical equipment with the correct electronic fixture.