RayBounce and vectors

I,ve lately been trying to create a graph that can check if doors are closer than 300 mm to adjacent walls. This is the first time working with raybounce, I almost got it to work, but I’m stuck at the vectors. The results I get is correct when doors are placed in a horizontal wall, but not when placed in a vertical wall. I tried to get the vectors from the family but I get the same result. Any idea what to try next

It looks like for each door you are currently raybouncing on the X-axis only, so it makes sense that the vertical walls are not behaving as expected.

The facing orientation does appear to be producing meaningful vectors, it looks like they correspond to the orthogonal angles that represent the door swing. If that is the case, you could take that list and rotate the vectors +/- 90 degree, using the rotated lists to conduct the raybounce.