Ray Bounce angle & shadow calculation

Hello community!

Im trying to get the vector angle for shadow calculation, using ray Bounce from center curtainwall.

How can i make the vector hit the edge of any element above? I’ve tried to create a range of vectors with different z-values in order to shoot multiple rays vertically… Im only interested in the point shown on the image… thanks in advance!

Hello…could it help to find that edge and the use closest point from your curtain wall…think something here…

Hey Søren

Thanks for your input! Is it possible to make the script find the element above by itself making it more flexible?

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Yes here you could use raybounce…hope it helps

Hey again

I managed to make it work using a slightly different approach with the “vector rotate” node. It uses the curtain wall centerpoint and shoots multiple rays in the z-axis, then taking the longest vector and calculating the angle.

You did push me in the right direction with the “vector by two points” node, so i’ll mark it as a possible solution. Thanks again!

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Hi Alexander…great it works for you, my example was just a fast rough idea…many ways it could be done…have a nice day :wink:

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