Distance checking between walls with visualized result

Hi all, i am a college student and totally new in dynamo. Just wanna create an existing dynamo model (program) to check every horizontal wall distance in coordinate X and Y, if it is within a targetted value. I have found a guideline from web:


The result is really similar with my thought, with some visualized coloured line to show it is within or not. However, it is the checking on vertical direction. Just try to change some of nodes into fitting my project. However, it still doesn’t work due to my misunderstanding on the parameter name (or other aspect). How can i achieve the checking program?

Hi @luhon15li

Have a look at RayBounce.ByOriginDirection node. You need to feed Vector.X() and Vector.Y() direction:


Thank you @Kulkul , i am still trying to figure out how the node is worked. I had told to do a simple model(below first figure) with walls inside another walls, if using in the simple model can achieve the checking program, the other too.

Is that using the RayBounce node connected to the second image (visualisation) and the program can be ran? Or something should also added up? Sorry to say that i have so less experience in dynamo. Thank you.