[Dynamo] Cannot generate more than one ray bounce

Hello everyone.

I am now doing task which needs to measure the distance between ceiling top surface and the element above it. For now I have created a script as shown below:

However the difficulty I found is that only one ray bounce is generated every time I run the script:

As shown above, the ray bounce which is supposed to meet with the structural framing is not generated.

Could someone point out where I did wrong? Thank you.

Have you tried setting “raybounce” node lacing to longest?

Tried your suggestion, unfortunately the results remained the same.

Could you drop relevant files in google/Dropbox or similar and me link?

Test 2.dyn (27.4 KB) Project1.rvt (3.0 MB)
There you go. The revit version is 2020

Use Data-Shapes node instead:

Thank you. It works!

But forgive my desire, this script needs to input different Categories. Is there any way to avoid that (I still want to know what’s wrong with my node “RayBounce.ByOriginDirection”)

Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!

Yes possible you need to edit python inside custom node to work with all model categories but before editing make sure you save as custom node.

That looks like a bug report the issue here: