Raybounce - find distance


My goal is to find shadows from overhang above every window in my Revit Model. I need angels, and thereto I need certain distances to make this possible. I have already found the distance from 1 to 2 (see figure) by raybounching, but I more importantly need the distance from 2 to 3.

I am familiar with the “Select.Model”-node, but this way is kinda manual and time consuming since I’d have to pick every model in the Revit-model and future models.

I have been using Raybounce, and I somehow wish to make this a general approach to measure distances from the midpoint of the window to certain edges of any possible overhang above the windows. For example, what if the overhang only went from 2 to 4 (figure).

May be little late in the game here replying this, I think you can achieve this by finding the object at point 2. Add a little fraction of distance into this new found point 2, and use ray bounce in the vector direction of 3 for that object category. This should give you distance between 2 and 3. Even better if you could create a 3D view with objects that you want to consider for Ray bounce to return respective objects for analysis.