Randomizing & Gradiating tile pattern

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create a dynamo script that will allow me to randomize 5 different tile colors. While that may sound straight forward the difficulty arises in the placement of the colors. Yellow, red & biscuit at one end of the wall. Orange, Green & biscuit at the other end. And Biscuit alone in the middle. I also want to gradiate the mixed colors at each end into the biscuit in the center. I have created a script that will allow me to select certain parts of the wall and apply the colors I mentioned above. But I fall short at understanding which nodes to use that will allow the choosing of colors to apply to specific parts of the wall without having to manually change the connector from one node to another. Also, I don’t understand how to gradiate the selected areas either. For clarification, I used “seed block” or a parametric family that I arrayed into the shape and sized of wall I needed. I’ve attached a screen shot of my dynamo script and the wall for clarification. Any assistance will be appropriated. Thanks.

Well it seems like you have to split the wall in 3 different parts, so maybe start with that.
Then you could use those three split parts to randomize the input for each brick