Creating Roof Blend Patterns from Pattern-Divided Mass?

I’m brand-spanking new to looking seriously at Dynamo. So forgive my naiveté and ignorance.

It seems ideal for something I need to do. I’ve looked at some dynamo examples that would seem to fit my immediate needs to create somewhat realistic looking clay tile roofs for a project I’m working on. The scripts don’t quite generate the roof pattern I’m hoping for, so for now I can manually create them using a divided mass surface. However, one task to make them really work well would be to randomize the colors of each of the adaptive component S tiles within the overall roof plane. Ideally, having a limited number of Revit materials that could be applied in certain percentages to the blend of materials would be ideal. Like 70% Terra Cotta, 10% Green, 10% Beige, 5% White and 5% Black. Then the dynamo graph would need to dig into the already created roof patterned element and modify random tiles accordingly, maybe with a seed generator to rebuild it with a randomization to find the right look based on an adjacent roof element of similar nature.

I could, of course, manually tab select individual roof tiles and manually assign a different material to them, but it wouldn’t be randomized and it would take forever. Seems like a perfect use for some automation.

I don’t even really know where to begin for something like this. Can someone point me to a script/graph that does this very sort of thing that I can begin to tweak? I’m very comfortable in AutoLISP, but this dynamo is a different kind of animal entirely!



Hi Robert and Welcome to the Grand world of Dynamo

Have a look at this topic and the topic linked in this topic :slight_smile: