Randomizing curtain grid by spacing

I’m trying to come up with a sequence to take an existing curtain grid in Revit with mullions placed every foot and randomly delete vertical mullions. I can’t seem to figure out how to select just the vertical grid lines - I’m using the Rhythm package to select the curtain grid, but from there I don’t know how to isolate the vertical lines by testing to see if the z change is greater than 0 (all lines that are not horizontal). Can someone help me out with the next step? Once I get the verticals selected I should be able to get the rest on my own.

Hi @jackchaskell

Here is one of the possible way…

The node CurtainGrid.ByElement outputs the grids in U (horizontal) and V (vertical) groups. Index [0] and index [1].

In your example, just do this in place of the CurtainGrid.ByElement node.

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Thanks! I was trying to get the tangent of each gridline and check if it was > than 0 but this is much more simple…I tend to overthink things.

Same here! :laughing: When I made the node, I actually think I was trying that before I realized it can supply them in this way.