Delete curtain grid segments


Is there a way to delete curtain grid segments when a mullion is delete or the other way round?
My dynamo program is selecting the horizontal mullions and deleting all except one random mullion.
Is there a way, in dynamo, to delete the grid segments that the mullion was “attached” to?

Thanks, Bardur

Hi @Bardur_Thomassen

Are you looking for this?

If you also can delete the grid line in segments.

Imagen that you have one horizontal mullions also and you want to delete the vertical mullions/grid under the horizontal mullions.
That is my mission:)

thank you for replying, Kulkul

@Bardur_Thomassen Yes! That’s exactly what it does. The example which i showed on the above has CurtainGridLine under the mullions.

Your mission is accomplished. Download the script here Delete Curtain Grid by Mullion.dyn (12.8 KB)

Thank you Kulkul.

It works only if I only have vertical mullions.
It don’t work if I only have horizontal mullions or if I have horizontal and vertical mullions.

I had to change one box in dynamo before the program worked.

@Bardur_Thomassen It will work all the cases just need to tweak little bit. It would be better if you can drop your dummy files with images of your mission.

hard to be as stupid as I am:)

This happen when I use the .dyn script.
in the bottom of the GIF, i’m explaining what i’m doing.

Thank you for you patience Kulkul