Deleting specific Curtain Grid Segments from a list



Hi Everyone,

I am having some troubles with a script I’ve created based off of the Evolvelab randomize panels script. I would like to have the script create a vertical brick pattern in the curtain wall with each panel 8’ tall and 1’ wide. I have done this by creating a curtain wall with the panels dimensions at 4’ tall x 1’ wide with the intention of deleting every second vertical segment in the list to create the brick pattern. I can get some of the grids to work but some of the time but usually only one row, as the “CurtainGrid.RemoveSegments” node does not delete the curtain grid segments I have fed into it from a list. I think there is something to do with the relationship between dynamo curves and revit curves, but I am stuck here. Would anyone be able to help me find a solution to this or help point me in a better direction please?

The first image shows the list selecting every second segment as intended, the second shows the script. The python node floating in there was just me trying to dissect the CurtainGrid.RemoveSegments node.

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Curtain grid brick pattern panel Randomize.dyn (28.7 KB)ANyone


Hello. Can you include what packages your script is using and a sample Revit file that only contains what is needed for the dynamo script to run?


The script you started from has issues as it uses very out of date nodes and appears to not have been maintained. I actually converted my nodes to C# versions for stability. You need to update to the latest version of Rhythm for this to work. (If you are in Revit 2016, the latest version of Rhythm is unfortunately not working in that version though)

First we can verify the changes before we do them like so.

Then we can “commit” those changes to Revit.

And here is the finished product:

And the DYN:
20180313-StaggerCurtainGrid.dyn (17.2 KB)