Random curtain panel change

Hey there, i’m a grasshopper user who is pretty new to dynamo. I wanted to ask is it possible to change the panels randomly on selected curtain walls so I could get darker panels on some cells. I have made a voronoi shape and populated it with panels from an imported mass of the cell surfaces. Each cell is a separate wall with one panel. Help as fast as possible, need to turn it in on monday :frowning:

Are the panels regular curtain wall panels? Or do they have a material instance parameter?

they are regular schuheco curtain wall panels and plus they have a material parameter

It’s a type parameter currently so are you going to have a “type” for each different material? @solidio

well yeah kinda, i’m going to make some duplicate panels that would be darker, more/less reflective and such to suit my taste. I need the help of dynamo to evade the manual work of clicking through and changing all of these remaining panels.

plus i bet I could do something like change only 50% of the total amount of panels, or not?

@solidio last question is this a curtain wall or curtain system?

It looks like you want to:

  1. Need to duplicate panels X number of times to allow for different shades.
  2. Assign a material to each duplicate panel
  3. Grab a random number of panels and set to a randomly selected new panel.

each cell is a separate curtain wall element (one wall is one panel -> 1 cell).

My logic (if possible) was to select all of them and then change their type (to duplicate material panels) according to some random sequence of numbers (or boolean t/f values) which would represent how much % of the cells would be changed.

Now the hard part for me is translating that into dynamo script.

Well, for my example I’m using a simplified version but the concepts still apply.

Here’s the graph

And here it is in action

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And the graph
randomPanelsWithDuplicate.dyn (28.4 KB)

thanks a lot @john_pierson. Will test it out shortly and keep you posted with the results :smiley:

ok that works fine, but I get some really wacky results because as I can see you have set the randomization to all the materials from my library/project. How could that be controlled to materials which I can choose?

I got It i just changed the material of the doubles produced by dynamo, getting sleepy, brain not working :frowning:

Yes, I wasn’t sure which materials you would use. But you basically needed to create a list of the specific materials and duplicate the panel the same amount of times. It definitely needed some modification, but hopefully it put you on the right track.

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