Random Curtain Panels

Hi Dynamo people,

I’m trying to create a graph to randomize curtain wall panels by Type, I have 3 different panels and I’m following different youtube tutorials to get the random effect, my problem is that some of those tutos are pretty good but I’m not having my graph working since some of the nodes had changed, can someone take a look of my graph and tell me what is wrong please?, best regards

Since I’m a new user I have no possibility to attach my graph so I’m waiting to be able to upload my graph and some images, thanks again

Should be able to attach stuff now. :slight_smile:

well, while waiting to be able to upload files here, I found a solution, I leave here my graph in case someone wants to use it.
Random Panels By Type.dyn (39.5 KB)

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Edit: oops, I missed your post re: the graph that worked. I did it a different way with a clockwork node. It should achieve similar results. I will leave my original reply below.

this should do it: (you can modify it to your liking of course)


Graph Image/DYN:

randomCurtainPanels.dyn (26.2 KB)


Thanks a lot @john_pierson, It seems to work very good to randomize the color of the panels, nevertheless I wanted to modify the type of panel since I have 3 types of curtain panel which I’ve needed to be placed randomly, as you can see in my graph that works, Now I’m facing another challenge since the client wants those panels to be randomly placed but by length, so Happily, I have only 2 lengths 300 mm and 500 mm I’m trying to use a graph I’ve found here, but my Python knowledge is very poor so I am stuck, Thanks in advance

this is the link for the topic: Randomise grids on curtain wall from list of spacing values

and here is the .dyn I’ve already replaced some of the nodes for a most recent ones but I’m still having trouble
Add Curtain Grids at Random Vals from List.dyn (39.0 KB)

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Quick comments @john_pierson :slight_smile:
The shuffle with seed option is not available in 2.6 (Revit 2021) only in 2.10 (Revit 2022)

Any reason why you did not use the Element.SetParameterByName to set the “Type” instead of a custom node?

The custom node works with the API method of settings type which is generally more stable. It is also not language specific like setting parameters by name is.

Seeded shuffle is available in 2.6 with the RefineryToolkits package. :wink: