Radiobuttons in Dynamo?

I was wondering if radiobuttons, just like in the boolean node, are available in Dynamo? I would like to able to present a number of choices with radiobuttons. I know I can make a list of choices and then take an item at a specified index, but radiobuttons would just look nice.


Should be possible. But it would require C# programming knowledge.

Or you can resort to a poor man’s dropdown as I discuss here :slight_smile:

Interesting post John, although I don’t think it would be the best solution in my case. As long as I’m the only one using the Dynamo graph it will be fine, however I’m trying to set up a Revit project including a Dynamo graph for others with very little experience with Dynamo and sometimes even with Revit itself, so it has to be sort of foolproof. Unfortunately I don’t have the C# programming knowledge, I just started learning Python so I think I will stick with that language for now.

Anyway I also just read the post of Zoltan Djapjas which relates to this topic so I’ll keep an eye out for the reactions there.