Quick way to get main pipes/ducts

Is anybody know how get main Ducts or pipes (most simple and quick way)?

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How do you determine if a run of duct/pipe is a main or not?

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Use connector manager and all refs

Can you elaborate on this? In Revit terms, what makes a duct a main and not a branch? You’re going to have to apply logic to your graph in order to filter the mains. What is that logic based on?

Once you have flow and connectors directions you should be able to distinguish branch and main duct. Example:
two top valves are split by tee -> so check connector manager which connector has the highest flow rate, then use AllRefs property to match this connector with duct and repeat. But honestly I would select them in revit and add some yes/no parameter for filtering stuff. Besides, bottom ducts are main, but I would argue with the second selection, since you don’t know where critical path is.
Can be done for sure, but not so easy: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6392299052914081792

You might be able to do it by airflow in the duct. You would manually have to set your limit but you could say anything with flow > x is a main. I just don’t know how reliable the connectors will be.

if we talking about ducts may be should try next way :
get all tee at activeview --> get AllRefs (pipes, elbows) …

because of branches (pipes whose not include main magistral) can include only elbows and duct terminal