Quick help with Curve.ExtendStart


I want to shorten the start point of my curve by a certain distance. I was trying to use Curve.ExtendStart with a negative value but it does not accept that even though the input type is double. Is there any such node available which could do this? Essentially what I want is just a reverse of this node.

I was trying to find some direct node to Shorten it but I couldn’t find any (apart from one node in Dynamo Rebar, but that shortens it from both ends which I don’t want)

The curve I want to use is a simple straight line. So any other method to do this is also appreciated.


It’s always worked for me with negative numbers. Is that on the latest stable? Are you sure you’re not shortening the line beyond its total length?

Hi, As a matter of fact it is not working for me! I am on the same release as yours, and it promptly tells me that it does not accept negative numbers. The length of my curve is 1455 mm while the shortening is only 35 mm.


You’re using a nurbs curve, not a line. In that case, you could try the “Curve.ParameterTrimStart” (or End) node: