Point along nurbscurve

Hi guys ,
I am trying to position a point at chord length on CurbsCurve but apparently the node for Curve.PointAtChordLength is only for polycurves. Any ideas how i could do the same for NurbsCurves? Thank you in advance.

The error message is saying that it expects a double for the parameterLocation input and you are supplying a function instead. Try with a number, if you want the chord length to evaluate from the start of the curve, then use 0 (the dafult value is zero, so you can leave the input unused)


Hi Thomas and thanks a lot for your time. Well I have selected a NurbsCurve line from Revit with ‘Select model Element’ then created an ‘Element.curves’ and I am trying to position my points along this curve. You suggest me to supply a double instead of a function at the parameterLocation but i dont quite understand how to translate my function into a double. Any ideas?

Either don’t import a start point as Thomas said, or provide this node with an input (perhaps the original curve).

Be careful with parameterization of the nurbs curve as it’s often not what you expect due to the nature of nurbs curves themselves.

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Alright, i ll try this one this time. Thank you all very much guys ! I am trying to learn dynamo by myself and this forum does a great job sharing knowledge ! :smiley: cheers!

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