Questions about comments










Okay, I’ve got a few questions about comments. See the image below for examples of what I’m asking questions about.

  1. In the first example, why is the Watch blank? The comment appears to be hosing the output from the code block.
  2. In the second example, shouldn't the multi-line comment be formatted like a comment?
  3. In the third example, that is a direct copy-and-paste from dynamo_language_guide_version_1.pdf and it works with Watch... momentarily. The fourth example shows how Watch goes wonky again if I edit the commenting.
Aside from the formatting issue in the second example, it seems that comments run the serious risk of interfering with Watch. This cannot be intentional behavior for Code Block+Watch.

Seems alright in 0.9.1


Hi Robert,

Seems alright for me also in 0.9.1. Which version are you using?