📢 Question for Dynamo 2.13+ Users!

CPython 3.9.2 has support to Linq ? A lot of my IronPython codes make use of it and all broken on new CPython.

From a legal standpoint we could no longer support IronPython2 out of the box as it stopped receiving security patches. Given security means different things to different people, we did make it available on the package manager for a “Use at your own risk” type of deal. Beyond needing to install IronPython2 as a package it is functionally entirely the same as it was before - and now simply opt-in :blush:

IronPython3, which is out now, will suffer from a slower release cycle to CPython3, including things like security patches. We are going to look into it and see if it’s ready to be consumed now, but our preference is to maintain CPython3 moving forward.

There are obvious differences between both approaches and completely parity between them will never exist, so we are super mindful that some things are only possible in IronPython today, hence the commitment to support IronPython2 as a package. CPython3 and the PythonNET bridge project are getting more robust features to get closer to what IronPython can do so we should start to see smaller deltas between what is possible :muscle:

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Have you looked at the Zoom States and Graph Node Manager from Dynamo 2.15 and beyond :slight_smile: ?

Example Zoomed Out:

Thanks that’s quit clear indeed. How did I miss this?
I’ve been using the sandbox 2.13 for some time, I quess it wasn’t there.
Now I jumped to 2.16.1 in revit 2023.

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I found this nice little button that zooms to the nodes that generate a warning. Is that called the ‘Zoom states’ you reffered to?


We introduced this into 2.14, and the Visual Refresh was in 2.13, so that one major release was indeed lacking in the ability to quickly see what was in Error/Warning state. As you can see this is now rectified :slight_smile:

In addition to the Zoom States, you found the Graph Footer status bar at the bottom, which do indeed cycle through any warnings, errors or information states that your graph may have :slight_smile: That is the “quick hit” version of the Graph Node Manager that is for more robust and indepth graph management.

Refer to the Dynamo Core 2.14 Release for Zoom States, and Dynamo Core 2.15 for the Graph Footer and Graph Node Manager (Which has had additional updates in Dynamo Core 2.16 also).

Thanks for all the great ideas on this thread. We have been working on a Dynamo Updater tool we wanted to run by you all. It’s just a quick prototype we’d love to get your feedback on. You can check it out and give us your thoughts here: Maze