Query Level of Linked Element

Im trying to read the level of linked element, in this case is Beam element, i read parameter and i just only get the ID of Level, how can i tranfer it in to Level

Are you looking to get the name of the Reference Level?

Have you tried one of the *.Name nodes? Element.Name or Level.Name

right sir, i need their level name to Filter

@catalyst1412 Use Element.Name node or Level.Name node.

Actually it work, but i want to understand more about this ID, why their value not a name, instead of an ID

Because Parameter (Reference Level) storage type is Element Id. Hope that makes sense.

but i read this parameter in Host File it stlil a Level, i just wonder is there any way to tranfer their ID to Level

Use Builtin Parameter.

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Thanks @Kulkul, it’s should be like this :slight_smile:
hope you get a good day !