List Elements in link with name and level and elevation

I try to list mechanical equipments in mechanical linked file with a list contains name and level and elevation from this level like something that reads parameter in this family and i begain with this script but i can’t know why it give empty list and how to gather these information to make my list , any help ?script issue

You should try the search tool, it gives good results in no time:

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Firstly it’s happens because you choose elements into your active project(document). How I understood you want check mechanical equipment in reference project(link document). For this goals the first step - you should get access to the link document. You can make it by python code or by custom node.

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thank you for reply but which node should I use to access link?? and also how can I arrange output data to give me name , level, elevation

Please try something and share a screenshots with a description of your issues, there are enough examples available in the forum to get started on your own.

i already try and share the issue and all subject here not descripe how i can read data from linked file all i can get is data from same file and python i don’t know anything about it or about its coding, so if you can help its ok if you can’t don’t give me advices.

Whoa, easy there. As @Yna_Db correctly pointed out, a forum search should yield sufficient results to get you on the right track. If you feel you can’t invest the time to make that effort, you’re not likely to get any help from this community.


first my question is for DENIS.REMENSIK who really try to help me and give me a value advice so Yna_Db comment has no meaning or value for me, second thing i tell you i try and search no subject for read data from linked view and related subject hasn’t a repy on it only someone ask like me and no one give him a value information like you ,so if you will answer like this for all people that need help so please it is better to close this forum or make it for professionals only

Please read the forum rules (How to get help on the Dynamo forums) and the community guidelines ( and adapt your behaviour and tone accordingly.


Show what you did related to linked files, we will not figure what you did. Please contact DENIS.REMESNIK in private if you want to talk to him, we don’t need to read your inappropriate reactions.