Quasar Package Update

Hello mates, I appreciate your precious time and mine. That’s why I contribute this real time saver useful package.
For your reference please don’t mind to check this blog: https://twentytwopaths.wordpress.com/2018/04/01/quasar-revit-dynamo-package

I hope you find it useful and if you have any suggestion or feedback or whatever the things you want to highlights feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you mates, have a great day!


Hello mates,

Quasar package version 0.0.5

  • 2 new UI nodes
  • new version 4 nodes
  • fixed minor bugs

Here is one :sunglasses:

Thanks mates, have a great day.


Hello mates,

Quasar Package Version(0.0.6) Deprecation And Redevelopment

The following are deprecated nodes in version(0.0.6).

  • BackgroundColor
  • CloseHiddenViews
  • CloudRender
  • ElementFilterByLevel
  • FamilyAndRoomByLevel
  • FilterElementByFillPatternCategory
  • Floor.ByRoomNameTypeLevel
  • OverrideProjectionCutPattern
  • PlanViewCropByRoom
  • RemoveUnplacedRoom
  • SpaceLimitBaseOffsetByRoom
  • SpaceNameNumberByRoom
  • ViewDuplicate
  • Wall.InteriorFaces

Most of the nodes (including new nodes) will be under ZeroTouch Development :sunglasses:.

Thanks a lot mates, have a great day.

Some demo here:





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@jean Do you have an example on how to use ViewPortAlignment?


hello @salvatoredragotta,

This node can relocate sheet view ports based on your provided template sheet view port location.
Below attached GIF and AlignViewports_Demo.dyn (7.0 KB)
for your info.


Thank @jean. Do the sheet template views have to be of the same type of the one you want to re-align? Does it work with legends and schedules?

It’s working fine. :sunglasses:

Edit: one more here,

Hi Jean,

Can you make the list Sorted?


Hello @interactiverendering, lists have been sorted(by name). :grinning: :smile:

Here is updated script for ViewSelector node view-selector-updated.dyn (7.2 KB) and it will also be updated in Quasar upcoming version.

Thanks mate, have a great day.



Is there anyway to modify the nodes creating views out of rooms…specially ElevationinRoom.to be working with area elements as well please…that would be great help

Hello @mohamed.mostafaDQCGU , if you want to modify and use “ElevationInRoom” Node or any other nodes in the Quasar package, you can directly go to the source code repository https://github.com/mgjean/quasar.
Thanks mate, have a great day.

Thank you jean, unfortunately am not a well python user and i hope you can help me in making an update to the LinkLevelGrid node which used to hide levels and grids from links , i need it to run on all views not just the current view

hope you can help me with that one. thank you

hi @mohamed.mostafaDQCGU, I’ve written LinkLevelGrid second version which applied for these view types (floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, and sections views). I hope whoever needs to use this script, will use it wisely.

# tested dynamo version - 1.x.x , 2.x.x
# __author__ = 'min.naung/mgjean @https://twentytwo.space/contact'

# import common language runtime 
import clr

# clr.AddReference loads and imports .net assembly(dll) as module
# load RevitAPI.dll and RevitServices.dll

# import system for dotnet List
import System
from System.Collections.Generic import List

# import all classes from Revit DB
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *
# import document manager
from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager
# import transaction manager
from RevitServices.Transactions import TransactionManager
# instantiate current document
doc = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentDBDocument

# start transaction

# active view
active_view = doc.ActiveView

# filter name "can name anything"
ifilter = 'GiveFilterAName'

endWiths = 'Anything'

# filter check
found = False

# input[0] boolean
hide = False if IN[0] else True

# collect floor plans and ceiling plans views
plans_views = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(ViewPlan).ToElements()
# collect elevations and sections views
sects_elevs_views = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(ViewSection).ToElements()
# combine list two view list
views = list(plans_views)

# collect all filter elements
allFilters = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(FilterElement).ToElements()

# get filters from current view
viewFilters = active_view.GetFilters()
# collect filters' names
viewFiltersName = [doc.GetElement(i).Name.ToString() for i in viewFilters]

# ifilter element
ifilter_elem = [filter for filter in allFilters if ifilter == filter.Name.ToString()]

if ifilter_elem:
	found = True
	for view in views:
			# add filter
			# set filter visibility
			view.SetFilterVisibility(ifilter_elem[0].Id, hide)
			# set filter visibility
			view.SetFilterVisibility(ifilter_elem[0].Id, hide)
			# already applied

# if filter not found in doc
if not found:
	# all grids in doc
	grids = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(Grid).ToElements()
	# all levels in doc
	levels = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(Level).ToElements()
	# collect category id from grid and level
	CateIds = List[ElementId]([grids[0].Category.Id,levels[0].Category.Id])
	# type ids from grids 
	gridTypeIds = set([i.GetTypeId() for i in grids])
	# type ids from levels
	levelTypeIds = set([i.GetTypeId() for i in levels])
	# get grid type element
	type_elems = [doc.GetElement(i) for i in gridTypeIds]
	# get level type element
	type_elems.extend([doc.GetElement(l) for l in levelTypeIds])
	# loop type elements
	for elem in type_elems:
		# if endwiths not include in type name
		if not endWiths in elem.LookupParameter('Type Name').AsString():
			# add endwiths in type name
			elem.Name = elem.LookupParameter('Type Name').AsString() + endWiths
	# get type names
	type_names = [i.LookupParameter('Type Name').AsString() for i in type_elems]
	# type name parameter id
	paramId = type_elems[0].LookupParameter('Type Name').Id
	# create a "not ends with" filter rule
	notendswith = ParameterFilterRuleFactory.CreateNotEndsWithRule(paramId,endWiths,False)
	# create parameter filter element
	paramFilterElem = ParameterFilterElement.Create(doc, ifilter,CateIds,[notendswith])
	# for all views
	for view in views:
		# set filter overrides (same with add filter)
		view.SetFilterOverrides(paramFilterElem.Id, OverrideGraphicSettings())
		# set filter visibility
		view.SetFilterVisibility(paramFilterElem.Id, hide)
# transaction done

# output
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I cant seem to get it to work

@vanman, can you flatten template sheet list and try one more time ?, see if fix or not.

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Hi, no luck unfortunately

@vanman, your template sheet input must be one single element(sheet) like this example below;

Try this way, if not i will take a look at your dyn file.

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Cool thanks, list first item did the trick