Quasar Package Update



Hello mates, I appreciate your precious time and mine. That’s why I contribute this real time saver useful package.
For your reference please don’t mind to check this blog: https://twentytwopaths.wordpress.com/2018/04/01/quasar-revit-dynamo-package

I hope you find it useful and if you have any suggestion or feedback or whatever the things you want to highlights feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you mates, have a great day!



Hello mates,

Quasar package version 0.0.5

  • 2 new UI nodes
  • new version 4 nodes
  • fixed minor bugs

Here is one :sunglasses:

Thanks mates, have a great day.



Hello mates,

Quasar Package Version(0.0.6) Deprecation And Redevelopment

The following are deprecated nodes in version(0.0.6).

  • BackgroundColor
  • CloseHiddenViews
  • CloudRender
  • ElementFilterByLevel
  • FamilyAndRoomByLevel
  • FilterElementByFillPatternCategory
  • Floor.ByRoomNameTypeLevel
  • OverrideProjectionCutPattern
  • PlanViewCropByRoom
  • RemoveUnplacedRoom
  • SpaceLimitBaseOffsetByRoom
  • SpaceNameNumberByRoom
  • ViewDuplicate
  • Wall.InteriorFaces

Most of the nodes (including new nodes) will be under ZeroTouch Development :sunglasses:.

Thanks a lot mates, have a great day.

Some demo here:






@jean Do you have an example on how to use ViewPortAlignment?



hello @salvatoredragotta,

This node can relocate sheet view ports based on your provided template sheet view port location.
Below attached GIF and AlignViewports_Demo.dyn (7.0 KB)
for your info.


Thank @jean. Do the sheet template views have to be of the same type of the one you want to re-align? Does it work with legends and schedules?


It’s working fine. :sunglasses:

Edit: one more here,


Hi Jean,

Can you make the list Sorted?



Hello @interactiverendering, lists have been sorted(by name). :grinning: :smile:

Here is updated script for ViewSelector node view-selector-updated.dyn (7.2 KB) and it will also be updated in Quasar upcoming version.

Thanks mate, have a great day.