Python Error output


hello dears,
i have made this small script on python, to combine 2 lists, to get coordinate from x,y value
the problem is as seen in picture, i have 4 values for coordinate , only the third value is flipped, x is y & and y is x.
can anybody explain why this happened ? thanks in advance.


Strange. Works fine on my end. Have you tried closing the file and re-running it?

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dear nik,
i have notice from your work that i use { } instead of [ ], that is the problem , many thanks to you .


It works with { } too. I’m guessing it just needed a refresh.


maybe you are right, it’s worked with previous example, in another example one of them flipped , i will restart every thing


yes nick, after restarting dynamo and revit, every thing works fine.
thanks man, appreciated


and don’t use “;” in python…its not java;)


hhhh ya i noticed that, i was C# programmer. thanks for this note :slight_smile: