Python Nodes Basics



I noticed it might be useful to gather some Python related posts in one thread to make it easy to get started with some basic understanding (and also for a consultation ease purpose). This is still a work in progress and there might be some slight inconsistencies. Feel free to add your own links or Python related comments, or to PM me on anything that should be revised. This first post relates naturally to tips for LEARNING PYTHON:

List Appearance Assets for Material
Looking for a Simple Python script to create Table (solved without python)
Find nodes and packages in use in a graph
How to get entire code inside Python Script
[spring nodes] alter node "FamilyInstance.ByGeometry
How to use Revit SDK?
The managed object is not valid - Dynamo crashes on 'TransactionManager.Instance.EnsureInTransaction(doc)'
Created nested lists with python
Links - "Reload From..."
Override Element Colour/Color (but not line)
Set analytical column Z Projection parameter
Automatic dimensioning of (multiple) detail lines
Create Elevation by Rooms
Modify Phyton Scripts
Install Python library without pip

This second post relates to IMPORTS:


This third post is about REVIT API and C# TO PYTHON:



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This post relates to IRONPYTHON and its LIBRARIES:


This post is a selection of COMMENTED SCRIPTS:


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To complement this IF-ELSE STATEMENT proposal, here are a few additional examples:


The following posts are related to PYTHON LISTS:

Set Render Color from Material
Expected View, Got List, Python Error

These posts relate to STRINGS in Python:


This post is about FUNCTIONS:


I wrote a 30 page handout for my AU class on Python for Dynamo, thought I would leave this here


This is a very good document that let you get started with a clear view on the possibilities opened by this language, along with a few tips that will make it all fun from the start. I add a link into the introductory post so it can be found easily. Thanks a lot :grinning:


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It seems consistent to add this other nice tutorial here: