Dynamo Python and Revit API PIONEER Workshop London 26-27 March


Dear Dynamo aficionados

I’m hosting a Dynamo Python and Revit API workshop next week at my HQ in London on 26-27 March. Its ideal for anyone with Dynamo experience looking to get into Python coding and discover some invaluable techniques for traversing and implementing Revit API calls so you can control Dynamo without limitation and overcome all the limitations it throws at you. We also cover custom package creation enabling your fancy new coding skills to be easily distributed throughout your organisation.

Everything is provided, just bring yourself! You also get the dataset and a detailed 40 page handout so if you want to repeat the exercises we undertake over the 2 days, you can at your own leisure after the workshop.

Places are very limited as I find small groups are more conducive to learning, so if you are interested in joining get in contact with me this week so I can book you in.

For more details about the Pioneer workshop and to book visit:

Workshop agenda:

Day One

  • Python Primer: Data types, If Statements, For loops and global parameters
  • Passing inputs into python code
  • Outputting data from python code
  • Advance python functions and use cases
  • Interfacing with the Revit API
  • Best methods for working with the API and ‘cheat sheet’
  • Wrapping and unwrapping Dynamo elements for use in Python with the Revit API
  • Writing basic python nodes
  • Calling Revit API methods

Day Two

  • Writing your own definitions
  • Calling definitions
  • Debugging Python code
  • Creating custom nodes
  • Automating the creation of spaces so linked models with disparate asset information can be scheduled
  • Input and Output nodes
  • Strong-typing inputs and adding input hints
  • Publishing packages to the package manager
  • Managing packages
  • Using Visual Studio to add custom icons to your package

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Is it possible to share handouts and dataset after workshop as I couldn’t able to attend as I m from Singapore :sweat_smile:… ?
Thanks you



Hi @Chicharito the dataset and handout is for delegates who attend unfortunately. Watch this space however, as I’m looking at online variations of the workshop programme too which would be ideal for you and anybody else not in London that wants to learn these skills!



I was there 18 months ago. Took a flight from Montreal, just for the pioneer workshop and didn’t regret it.

I gave me a boost in Revit APi and also Python.



Thanks you @Thomas_Mahon,

I hope this online workshop program to be happened very sooner or later … and i really wanted to extend my knowledge related to dynamo and python… i m just novice in python and start learning by myself at the moment… :sweat_smile:



There are several who offer online courses, example


Diroots is also based in greater London area