AEC Tech Symposium 2021

I am sure moderators can pin this up to top of the page. I basically wanted to let everyone know there is a virtual/in person conference next week, that has a ton of great workshops available. They are all virtual and insanely affordable. Most of the classes are only $50 USD. I know they might not be Dynamo per se, but if you are looking to improve your Dynamo game, there will be classes on other topics that are related. Bad Monkeys (me) are teaching a Revit API course, which would be a huge boost to your Python game in Dynamo. McNeel is offering a Rhino Inside of Revit course, which is a fantastic alternative to Dynamo (Grasshopper inside of Revit). These things are all related, so at least check them out.

Here’s a link: Masterclasses — AEC Tech



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Thanks for posting @Konrad_K_Sobon - pinned globally on the forum until late on the fourth. :slight_smile:

Are the times in the agenda on the website set for EST?

Yes. The in person portion of the Symposium is in NY, so EST sounds like the right time zone to use here.

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Dammit only just seen this! Any chance of adding more tickets to the API course haha?