Python autocomplete?

Hello guys, ^python noob here^ I don’t know if I’m missing something but Autocomplete in the Python Script editor in Dynamo doesn’t seem to be as good/intuitive as it is in the Code Block. It’s just super cool that I can type “Curve” in the Code Block and get all the relative suggestions to work out from there, then after a . we get all the others. I find myself going back to the codeblock to test out piece of script and copy-pasting it back to Python Script editor in order for it to work and not have to refer to RevitPythonShell or other online libraries since I rarely do that when using the code blocks too.

Please tell me if there’s a way around this. If not, please take it as a suggestion to improve the intellisense in Python Script in Dynamo.

Either way, thanks a bunch in advance!

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Like this?