Autocomplete for custom dll

Good morning forum, what a beautiful Monday to ask questions.
I know this has been addressed before but I think the question is slightly different.
I have been trying to use the ironpython-stubs created by @Gui_Talarico and those have been very helpful in using VSCode for PyRevit.
Now I would like to create autocomplete for a library that I am working on (GShark) and, more broadly, can be useful to recompile other stubs.
I can’t seem to find a way to do it (not a big expert in Python) and so I am asking the community for help. I am sure this is something that other can benefit from and can definitely improve the development experience also of Dynamo python nodes.
@solamour any guess or help for this?

Maybe this helps?

This doesn’t explain how to achieve intellisense with your custom libraries

I am thinking from what I am seeing is that you don’t really create it, but rather set up the IDE and/or use extensions for VSCode to make it work for any libraries.

For instance, I have several custom libraries (in C#) that intellisense works great for and I didn’t ‘make’ anything for it.

Are you talking about being able to use C# libraries with Python intellisense available?
Or writing nodes for Dynamo using C#? I can understand the second one of course.

Cesare Caoduro

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t believe there is anything to “create” in terms of your custom library that makes auto complete or intellisense work, but rather that you need to use an extension or extensions for your IDE like VS Code.

Couldn’t find anything, happy to take any suggestion :slight_smile:

@Michael_Kirschner2 this is a little beyond me - is @SeanP’s assumption correct? It feels like so :smiley:

in vscode - try setting the extra paths prop to point to your package:


Well, that was my first tentative but it doesn’t work unfortunately