Python autocomplete?

Hello guys, ^python noob here^ I don’t know if I’m missing something but Autocomplete in the Python Script editor in Dynamo doesn’t seem to be as good/intuitive as it is in the Code Block. It’s just super cool that I can type “Curve” in the Code Block and get all the relative suggestions to work out from there, then after a . we get all the others. I find myself going back to the codeblock to test out piece of script and copy-pasting it back to Python Script editor in order for it to work and not have to refer to RevitPythonShell or other online libraries since I rarely do that when using the code blocks too.

Please tell me if there’s a way around this. If not, please take it as a suggestion to improve the intellisense in Python Script in Dynamo.

Either way, thanks a bunch in advance!

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that is more or less also what has been discussed in the link below.
Intillisense or code complete is something we all would like to have, without installing something like Visual Studio… In my case am I using with Visual Studio Code, but there are other solutions.
Non of them however seems to provide what you also are asking for, and that would be more than just Python am I sure. The full range as i see it is, IronPython 2.7.3, Revit API, Dynamo API and DesignScript

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Like this?

Check this out :slight_smile:

Follow the rest from here