Python addin without PyRevit


Is it possible to create a python add-in in a ribbon without using a addin like PyRevit?


Jan Willem

Let try with this project Relay from @john_pierson
Relay allows for you to add Dynamo graphs to your Revit ribbon.


You can use revit python shell I guess? That wouldnt do ribbon though.

Otherwise you’d need relay, orkestra or pyrevit. The latter is the only one that runs py scripts i think.

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I want to write an addin with a ribbon without dynamo scripts.
If I understand you well, python script always need an other addin?

I believe so. Aside from the python shell, revit doesnt run .py files naturally. If your script is all in Python, pyrevit is the best choice, potentially only one as far as i know. Open source project, so not much risk involved (although development is slow these days as ehsan seems quite busy).

If your goal is to package up an addin for easy deployment, youll be best off looking into C# I think. Python is generally a language that relies on something else to wrap and run it.

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Thanks @GavinCrump time to learn more about C#! :slight_smile:

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