Python addin not showing on addins tab


I’ve loaded iron python on my machine and the console opens fine. Next I installed the python shell per Zach’s instructions. Iron python is not showing up as an addin.

Downloaded the shells for Revit 2012 2013 and 2014

Using Vasari beta 3.

Works ok in Revit 2014

Dynamo python node shows up.



No. It doesn' t show up if I disable dynamo.


If you disable or remove Dynamo does the RevitPythonShell addin show up?

(an easy way to temporarily disable Dynamo is to close Revit or Vasari, browse to




and change Dynamo.addin to Dynamo.addinX. Restart Revit or Vasari, and see if this changes anything. Remove the X from Dynamo.addin when you are done )