Creating New Family Types with Parameter fro Excel File

I am trying to put together a script to create family types for an existing family by using parameters in an Excel file. This is for Specialty Equipment, specifically lab equipment placeholders that have a number, description, height, depth, and width. Part of the issue I am encountering is that mixed in with this equipment are Owner provided items that have no value for height, depth, and width. These are items like laptops and other movable table-top items. The script produces null values at these indices. Is there a way to account for these null values, so that the the script can continue to create types and skip over these null values.

I have attached my progress so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CC Create Family Types From Excel.dyn (30.8 KB)

I am able to bring in the list of parameters, accounting for and removing the null values. Is there a node that creates new family types for an open family file and sets its parameters? If so, what package is it in?

You can place families by using FamilyInstance nodes.
In the Dynamo side bar Revit > FamilyInstance.
These nodes return the new family instance (or list) that can have parameters modified as needed

Hi @jorgedelacova7458 could OpenMep package help you here ?

Mike, thanks for the response, but I am not trying to place families. I am trying to create family type within an .rfa file.

Currently checking out the potential solution below.

Thanks for responding. I’ll check it out and let you know.

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