Push Room Area to a new Parameter with a 50% function for one Room Type only?

Hello Dynamo Forum!

I tried my bes to make the title of this post as clear as possible, but I fear it’s quite confusing - apologies!

What we’re trying to achieve is the following;

Here in Germany we need to calculate what’s called “Living Area” (Wohnfläche).
To do this is quite simple. All one has to do is,
Add all of the Areas - in our Revit Model “Room Areas” - together, except for the Areas of Balconies, which first need to get divided by 2, so that 50% of this area is added to the total Living Area.

As such the basic algorithm would look something like this;

If RoomName does not equal Balcony then Living Area = RoomArea

If RoomName equals Balcony then Living Area = RoomArea / 2

In our Revit Model we can then add the total LivingArea together.

I’m sure this could be done in two separate scripts. I.e. one which Booleans the Balcony Areas, with a function of “Divide by 2” and one which Booleans the non-balcony areas out, and “pushes” their areas to this new field, but I’d love to do this in one click!

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

Alternative idea:

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It works!

Thank you so, so much.