Purge Revit "Line Styles"



Wanted to offer this as a possibility for purging “Line Styles” (Not line patterns which I will post later)
PurgeLineStyles-v0.8.dyn (51.3 KB)

In this there are some adapted nodes from Archilab and dconstruct to new purpose.
The inital PY routine:

  • Returns all the line styles in the model (Uses a split in the event it id a “TEXT STYLE : Typename” so input is a little forgiving)
    The second lookup uses the linestyle name to Return:
  • The ID of the line styles
  • The Name of the Line styles
  • Paired list of both (Handy for debugging and tracing)

Code blocks allow selection of the particular sub lists

The Regexp routines compare lists using Regexp to a True/False if the object is in a list or not.

The DEAD CODE below is wht I have issues with - trying to get the object styles so I can build a list of substitutions (Target Line Style (Linestyle1 to replace, Linestyle2 To Replace…)) to strip out the line styles form object and overridden objects in views to limit the impact of getting back to the original NCS/Revit line styles.

Feel free to offer suggestions how this could be implemented : )