I'm guessing the following can't be done......but i hope to be corrected

Ok peeps, so I know there are some of the best minds and experts in Dynamo within these virtual walls. And I bow to you all in terms of knowledge.

There is an AGE old problem and a fundamental flaw within Revit that should have been addressed by now ( using 2015 at the moment )

LEGENDS and the Fundamental inability to TAG What you place within a Legend, why , why, why can this NOT be achieved?

Anyway, my question to the guru’s within, can anything be done with Dynamo ?


The problem is that tags require actual elements. You don’t place elements inside a legend, just their geometrical representation. The good thing is that the said representation has a link to the element type and dynamo’s built-in “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node can extract that type for you. You can then get the type name and use one of a few custom nodes to create text objects. Clockwork has a pretty good text node called “TextNote.ByStringAndPosition”:


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