Create Revit Server Central Models Via Dynamo

I’m trying to automate the creation of models on our Revit Server and have just gotten into Dynamo. We are not able to use BIM 360 on certain projects due to client security requirements, but the script intention is to open our shell models detached, and saveas to a Revit Server project location. As part of the script, the user would have an input node to decide the filename. I have no coding background, and have found a few posts that ask a similar question to this, but there hasn’t been a clear explanation as to how or if you can access the Revit Server as a location to save or open files. To put it simply, is it possible? If so, I’m looking for any help as to how it’s been done.

Certainly can be done, but I don’t have a Revit server project to play with. The code in this blog post should do the trick, but you’ll have to either convert to nodes or Python code: