Propagate Parameter Values On Elements at Different Levels

Hello community…

I am currently working on a building project but I have ran into an issue. I need to propagate a custom project parameter (the value itself) found in some walls at a certain level to the walls found at the same location but a different level.

Would this be possible with dynamo? And if so, how? I just want to avid to manually set the parameter value on each wall again but on a different level. Since all levels have the same geometry, I assume that it can be done with dynamo, but not sure how to tell the program to find the wall that is exactly in the same position as the one that currently holds the parameter value but below it or on another level.

I hope I was clear enough, thanks!

If you use GetLocation on a Wall element, you will find that it is a Line/Curve. One option might be to compare this curve to others by translating it with Z-offsets based on your levels, and then doing a geometry comparison.