Ribbon buttons for Dynamo graphs

What I want to do is to make a Revit tab that comprises a group of Dynamo separate graphs as buttons. So the button triggers a Dynamo graph in the background. Much like Dynamo player but with the Ribbon.

Now Dyno would have been a perfect candidate, but it is practically outdated and is not working with newer versions of Dynamo and Revit.

The button creating part is not impossible and @Konrad_K_Sobon graciously made an excellent tutorial about it. Now is there a way to get that button to trigger a certain Dynamo graph?

So far on Revit 2016, Dynamo 1.3 and latest Dyno Browser (Dyno - Dynamo 1.3 supported)
All my graphs still working via Dyno Ribbon.

Not tested yet on Revit 2017.

Dyno caused all my code blocks to go grey actually ( i couldn’t edit them anymore ) when i installed it and tested. ( Revit 2016 , Dynamo 1.2.1 )

With Revit 2017 - Dynamo 1.3 Behaving erratically
With Revit 2018 - Dynamo 1.3 Not working

strange…I have no issue with Dyno or Dynamo on Revit 2016

Couple of things I did before installing Dynamo 1.3 and Dyno

  1. Uninstall all Dynamo Version
  2. Uninstall Dynamo CORE - very important
  3. Uninstall Dyno

Another thing I am on Windows 7 64bit