Publish Package not in Library

For some reason the package I’m publishing (locally) isn’t showing up in my library. Any idea why? I ran a test w/ the Dynamo Primer and it worked. When I try to publish my two dyf files, the package isn’t showing up in Dynamo. It exists in the package directory. Thoughts? I’ve tried closing out and reopening without luck. Even restarting my computer…


That’s not it showing in the add ons portion?

Did you put the other one in the DynamoPrimer bin as well?

No. I’ve uninstalled all packages and tried again. Something funky is going on and I can’t figure out why. I even reassigned the default location for where the packages are saved without any luck. I’ve done another ‘test package’ and that’s not showing up. I’ve opened up Revit 2017 to see if it was showing anything different. I’m seeing the same thing.

Has someone figure out it yet I have the same issue